Cutting edge and cost-effective. We are Openshaw & Co.

Collection of images of our team and abstract interaction with technology.

We bring wide-ranging, technical expertise to clients who are looking for a forward-thinking and flexible team.

With almost 20 years in the business and many more amongst our collective experience, we help clients throughout the UK, Europe and the world to protect their innovations through the appropriate patent rights.
People meets technology
Our diverse and growing team brings a technical edge that our clients won’t find elsewhere. Our team of qualified professionals have worked in many technological fields, including software, engineering, medical and defence.

A ‘get to it’ attitude – our appetite for getting it done, and getting it done right.

We pride ourselves on our accessibility. By that, we mean the way that our clients can talk to us about anything, any time. We are problem solvers and won’t settle until we’ve found the ideal service and solution for our clients.
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