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Paul Openshaw

European Patent Attorney
UK Patent Attorney
Paul has a physics degree from Bristol University, and after graduating spent eight years working as a physicist in the research and development fields of signal processing, electro-optics, lasers, displays, and communications systems. Paul then started working directly with patents when he became a European Patent Examiner, including serving on Opposition Divisions at the European Patent Office in Munich, Germany.
Paul then “switched sides” and practised in-house for one of the US’s leading telecoms corporations and then for a high-profile London private practice with a particular reputation for obtaining software and business method-related patents. To offer clients the full benefit of this range of experience, in 2004, Paul established Openshaw & Co.
Paul has extensive drafting, prosecution and opposition experience in many advanced technologies, for example, mobile telecoms, multimedia, social media, internet, decision-making networks, information processing, software patents, business methods, encryption, pattern recognition, optics, photonics, sensors, etc.
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